Services to Property Owners

Florida Estates Marbella guarantees the best conditions for an active, safe and fair sale to owners who want to sell their property on the Costa del Sol.

We are an agency with a new business model for the real estate sector, focused on service and efficiency, where the important thing is the people who sell and buy. That's why we have the best team dedicated to the management, promotion and sale of our real estate portfolio.

We pride ourselves in exploring the latest in technology and communication to ensure that our clients always receive the best service. We have developed a significant improvement in the presentation of our property portfolio, which we make available to homeowners, who now have more options than ever to sell their property in an optimal way.

We have three different sales modalities for property owners.

CLASSIC is the traditional contracting of the services of a real estate agency without exclusivity. With most agencies this service includes photos, descriptive text and advertising on portals.

With Florida Estates Marbella SL you have a complete service that includes the valuation of your property, professional photographic report, window card and descriptive text, publication in more than 700 websites of associated agencies, advertising on real estate portals, assistance and advice throughout the sales process and assistance at the notary's office.

It is the option of many owners who only wish to have their property on the real estate market without any other service. Without any initial cost for the owner.

VIP - RECOMMENDED OPTION. VIP is the enhanced version of the traditional exclusive. In most agencies this service will only include photos, descriptive text and advertising on portals. With Florida Estates Marbella SL, this VIP option puts your property on another level, standing out from the rest of the properties for sale.

It includes the Official Certificate of Energy Efficiency, a professional valuation of your property, the best professional photographic report, carefully designed showcase card and descriptive text, a 3D VIRTUAL TOUR, DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY, publication in more than 2000 websites of associated agencies, prominent advertising on real estate portals, marketing campaigns, assistance and advice during the sales process and assistance at the notary's office.

This is the option we recommend because in Florida Estates Marbella SL we share your property with more than 3,000 associated agents, national and international, while you will be promptly informed by your professional agency Florida Estates Marbella SL; you will not need more agencies for maximum and optimized exposure of your property and at the same time you will enjoy all the best services and the latest technology in advertising. Moreover, this option does not have any initial cost.

PRO is an innovative option for the real estate sector, and is for those owners who want to sell their property directly without agencies, or want to have their property with several agencies, but with all the professional tools that only Florida Estates Marbella SL makes available.

For a reimbursable amount, the owner receives all the VIP services described above and you can use them privately or transfer them to other agencies. This means that the owner can use the photos, the texts or the virtual tour and make a private advertisement with them or give them to whomever the owner wants. The great advantage of this option is that if Florida Estates Marbella SL is the agency that sells your property, we will refund you the full amount paid for the PRO services.

If you are considering hiring services that promise to sell between individuals, or save you time and money with their ecosystems, we warn you that with these companies you can find extremely expensive and confusing services that in the end may not give you the expected results.

Instead we recommend a much better option like PRO from Florida Estates Marbella SL. You will have at your disposal all the marketing services and advice of a professional real estate agency for much less money and in a totally transparent way so you can sell your property directly. Call us or send us a whatsapp to phone 951 820 123 (it is phone and whatsapp) and we will be happy to explain it to you in detail and without any commitment.

Personal guarantee & transparency.

As local professionals with a solid reputation on the Costa del Sol, we stand out for our transparency and efficiency. We will not ask you to sign complicated documents; we simply require your authorization, basic information and a title deed certificate to verify the property. Our straightforward and simplified approach aims to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Free Energy Performance Certificate.

Since June 1, 2013, in Spain it is mandatory to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the sale and rental of properties. With our VIP service, if we sell your property during the contract period, we offer you the official Energy Performance Certificate, issued by the Junta de Andalucía, at no cost to you. We want to ensure that your sale process is complete and complies with all legal requirements by providing you with this essential document.

Free professional property appraisal.

Although the final price is your decision, our team will give you free advice based on current real estate market data. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision regarding the selling price of your property. This free advice service aims to support you every step of the way, providing you with an informed and reliable view.

Professional real estate photography.

We capture the essence of your property through a set of professional photos, designed to highlight its features and make it even more attractive to potential buyers. We understand the crucial importance of images in the presentation of your property for sale, as they are the first contact with the potential buyer. Our meticulous approach to photography seeks to highlight the most attractive aspects of your home, generating a positive impact from the very first moment.

3D virtual tour.

Having the latest technology is essential for buyers to have the opportunity to take virtual tours of your home from their computers and mobile devices. In the current global scenario, the presence of a Virtual Tour makes a big difference in the sales process, significantly boosting the chances of selling a home. This modern tool offers potential buyers an immersive and convenient experience, highlighting your property in a unique and appealing way in the market.

Aerial photos with Drone.

Drone aerial photography provides a unique and detailed perspective that highlights properties from inaccessible angles, not only providing information of the property itself, but also of its surroundings. This tool not only offers efficiency, but also versatility, being essential for an impactful and effective marketing in the sale of properties.

Data Sheet and Description.

We compile the detailed information and unique features of your property to create a clear and understandable text. We effectively present your property to potential clients who are looking for properties similar to yours. We address both national and international clients, so we translate the texts into 13 languages.

Key Safekeeping.

We offer a comprehensive key safekeeping service for owners looking for efficiency and security in the sale process. We protect the keys in a safe deposit box, guaranteeing their safekeeping and facilitating quick access to the property for potential buyers. Based on our experience, we have observed an impressive 80% increase in the probability of selling a property in less than 30 days thanks to this service.

Buyer Clients.

We maintain a direct connection with more than 2000 clients, both national and international, all with a specific interest in acquiring a property on the Costa del Sol. These potential buyers range from investors to individuals looking for their first or second home. Your property could be the one that these clients are looking for and ultimately choose as their new home or investment.

Collaborating agencies.

Florida Estates Marbella collaborates with all professional real estate agencies, having more than 3000 collaborating agencies, both national and international. This strategic affiliation allows us to offer your property with maximum exposure, ensuring that it reaches a wide audience of interested parties. The key advantage for you is that, despite this vast network, your experience is simplified by dealing exclusively with us as your single trusted agency. This guarantees a smooth process focused on your needs while leveraging the power of the most extensive real estate network in place.


In our comprehensive advertising approach, we actively advertise our properties on more than 700 websites and specialized portals. This strategy ensures a solid online presence, making it easy for clients to easily locate the property they are looking for. By significantly expanding our web presence, we maximize the opportunities for your property to reach a wider audience, providing unparalleled visibility and accessibility.


During the management of the sale of your property, we offer you complete details about the viewings, we keep a record of the interested visitors and we share with you the opinions of those who have visited your property. We want you to be aware of the whole process and have direct and real time information about what people who visit your property think.


We strive to be selective and respectful in the offer process. We only forward offers to you from people who are serious about buying, willing to do so at a fair price, and are willing to make a deposit as a sign of commitment. This approach allows us to effectively filter offers and ensure that you only receive offers from those who are truly interested, saving you unnecessary hassle.


We take care of drafting and thoroughly reviewing all reservation and earnest money contracts to ensure that the sale process is secure and hassle-free. We ensure that the documents clearly reflect the agreements between the parties, providing a solid foundation for a smooth transaction. Your security and peace of mind are our priority, and our well-crafted contracts are key to a smooth sales process.


We manage the compilation of all the necessary documentation to facilitate both the notary and the buyer. We take care of gathering all the essential documents in a complete and organized manner, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we ensure that the documentation is in order so that the transaction runs smoothly and securely.

Assistance at the Notary's office.

We provide personalized assistance at the time of signing at the notary's office, making sure that everything goes as agreed. We accompany you to ensure that the signing process is clear and smooth, carefully verifying every detail for your peace of mind. Our presence at the notary's office is a backup so that you can complete the transaction with confidence and security.