It is still possible to find bargain apartments in Marbella under EUR 100,000

Is it still possible to find bargain properties in Marbella under 100,000 EUR?

According to the latest statistic data published by the Spanish National Authorities, the price of the resales property market in Marbella is EUR 2,391 per square metre, meaning that the average price of a property sized 100 m2 would be approximately EUR 240,000. But what is the reality? The statistical studies do not include in detail aspects such as the area where the property is located, the services offered by the complex where the property is or its condition therefore we should be cautious when taking into account these figures.

The truth is that is rare to find properties in Marbella in good condition of at least two bedrooms for less than EUR 200,000.

There are still some properties like this one, but it needs some refurbishment:

Cheap bargain apartment Marbella Centre.

And if we lower our budget even more, finding a cheap apartment or a bargain becomes an impossible mission.

Even so, it is still possible to find some properties below EUR 100,000 but always compromising something, either the location, the services or perhaps the condition of the property as it is very likely that a full refurbishment is needed.

On this link you will find some 1 bedroom properties in Marbella for less than EUR 100,000.

And on this link some 2 bedroom properties in Marbella for less than EUR 100,000.

And finally here some 3 or more bedroom apartments for less than EUR 100,000.

These links connect directly to the local real estate agencies in the area and are updated daily so it is possible that in some cases they do not show results.

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